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Recommended playing with Xbox Controllers.

2 player game where you summon minions on the horizons.

Keyboard controls are as follows.

Player 1:

Move and Zoom: WASD
A: space
B: 3
X: 1
Y: 2

Player 2:

Move and Zoom: Arrows
A: Right shift
B: Slash (/)
X: Comma (,)
Y: Dot (.)

This Game was made by Pepijn Willekens (@PepijnWillekens), Alexandar Barratt(@LieutenantRice), and Jacob Goldfarb (@TangentguyOP).


BuildingHorizon+Deadline_Build_0.3_Linux.x86.zip 24 MB
BuildingHorizon+Deadline_Build_0.3_Windows.zip 22 MB
BuildingHorizon+Deadline_Build_0.3_Mac.app.zip 24 MB

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